On this page you can see some sample source images. By clicking the images you can see results that were achieved with JTexSynth. Sample images with different characteristics are selected. The sample pages show both good and also not so good results. You might also learn something by checking the parameters used.

Sample image: greens
This is an example of a quite easy non-structural texture. It is quite easy to synthesize good results from this image.
Source image: greens

Sample image: rug
This is quite difficult structural texture. It is easy to produce unacceptable resutls but with some tweaking you can get nice results from this image also.
Source image: rug

Sample image: aqua
Some watery texture with no clear structure but with cyan lines which are difficult to handle. This sample is a good demonstration of the effect of the number of colors of the Wang Tile plugin.
Source image: aqua

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