JTexSynth is a texture synthesizer. It synthesizes (or generates) large textures (textures mean 2D bitmap images here) from small sample textures. This kind of texture synthesis is useful for example in producing textures for 3D models.

JTexSynth is licensed under the GNU General Public License (version 2).

JTexSynth is written in Java so it should run on any platform that supports Java. In version 0.3.0 the code was changed to Java version 1.5. so for this and newer versions you need a recent Java runtime environment.

Many different kinds of algorithms have been developed for texture synthesis. JTexSynth includes a plug-in interface to support easy adding of new algorithms. In the initial version of JTexSynth one algorithm is included: Wang Tiles (see http://research.microsoft.com/~cohen/WangFinal.pdf). In the future more algorithms can be added easily through the plug-in interface.

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